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This single was written to raise money for ‘Mind Your Music’ www.mindyourmusic.org - a charity promoting better mental health through the creation and performance of music. Please donate all you can to facilitate this amazing organisation.

Every 90 minutes a friend or loved one is lost through suicide in the UK. It's a subject surrounding mental health that is being increasingly spoken about - but what about the people left behind? Suchy's new song, "Let's Talk" touches on the lesser discussed topic of grief from suicide. Studies suggest close to three million people struggle every day with the unanswered questions, the anger, and the guilt as a result of a loved one committing suicide.


“If this song can get through to just one person, either to make them stop and think of those around them, to realise how loved they are, or simply just to reassure someone they're not alone in how they're feeling - that's all I can ask for.” - Suchy


Help Suchy spread the message. You are loved, you are wanted, and you aren't alone.

Let's Talk.